Join us on a tour to the celebrated UNESCO World Heritage ethno village and be part of the authentic Hungarian experience!
Tour the medieval castle and explore the town of Hollókő inside and out with a local guide. As the highlight of the tour we will join the greatest festivities of the region, the local Harvest Festival with folk music, dancing and lots and lots of food and wine. 
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Brace yourself and be an early bird for this tour; you won’t regret it, that’s a guarantee! Prepare for boarding at 8:45 in Budapest and take your comfy seat at the private bus along with a colourful bunch of fellow travellers on a ride that will wake you straight up!

After a fun-filled journey, you’ll exit the bus to witness the reason this small village is listed as part of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. With its authentic houses, intact culture and amazing community, Hollókő is a place that will put a spell on you instantly.
Our first direction will be upwards all the way to the medieval castle of Hollókő from the 14th century. An insider guide will walk you through the intact walls of the ancient castle with an interior to reflect the atmosphere of the country’s distant past. From the king’s quarters to the torture chamber you’ll be taken on a tour into the depths of Hungarian history in the most exciting fashion possible.

After a mind blowing (and expanding) tangible history lesson, it is off to the old town of Hollókő where you’ll learn the origins of the name that translates literally to raven stone and the diverse, far-reaching cultural roots of the town. Walk along the fairy tale-like houses and meet the locals in a tour that transports you to a place and time completely unknown outside of Hungary. 
Get ready to take part in one of the largest harvest festivals of the country in the streets of Hollókő! 
Following the sightseeing and filled with fresh, new knowledge it is time for the first hand experiences. We’ll take you into a world where music, delicacies and an amazing community forms an alliance creating the original Hungarian party fever, and trust us no one can party like the Hungarians! You’ll be treated to a huge cavalcade of local harvesters parading down the streets of Hollókő with an infectious mood (created partly from the end product of their labour). Try out some of the local delicacies at the packed stands around town and get to know the amazing individuals populating this little town. In the odd case of some Hungarian villagers doesn’t speak an international language, we’ll be there to help you out being your own handy translators. Just be sure to go easy on us okay?

After the parade you’ll have a chance to familiarize with the traditional Hungarian folk dance in the most authentic setting, performed by the very people it originates from. Don’t fret however! If you can’t resist the urge to learn some of the flashy moves and show them off later to your friends left at home, you are on your luck. Dancers will teach some of the basics of folk dancing for those with the greatest courage amongst you. Up for the challenge?
Places are limited, registration and pre-payment required, be fast!

Ticket prices:
Premium: with Happy Erasmus card: 6500 HUF
Normal: 7500 HUF

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Price and program includes:
 Private bus ride from and to Budapest
 Entry to the castle of Hollókő
• Professional guided tour in the castle of Hollókő and the old town
 Vintage festival with Hungarian folk dance and music performance
• Happy Erasmus Staff

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Meeting point & time:
Nyugati tér 13/10/2018 08:45

Departure Date and Time:
13/10/2018 09:00
Arrival Date and Time:
13/10/2018 18:30
The arrival time may be subject to possible variations depending on external factors such as: traffic highways, shipment, etc ...
The tour organized by Pegazus76' Kft. The trip starts with at least 20 people.