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Register bellow to receive your Normal Erasmus card (it is only 500 huf!), to become part of Happy Erasmus Budapest and always be informed about everything that happens in Budapest. Also used as a discount card in Budapest with 20+ partners(bars, gyms, restaurants, hair-dressers...) up to 35% off! You can also get a premium card with which you will have discounts on our parties, trips, and events as well(approx. 500-900 huf).
Not only Erasmus students are able to become a member of Happy Erasmus Budapest, but also exchange students and all other students who are studying or working in Budapest for a certain period of time are able to join.
Simply by registering on this page bellow you will receive your membership card !!!

Premium Member

You now also have the possibility to buy a Premium card!
It only costs 2000 Ft(instead of 3000Ft) and it’s valid during your whole Erasmus period. 
With this card you will recieve a discount on all of our parties, trips and events(
approx. 500-900 huf)!! Also used as a discount card with 20+ partnerts. If you will attend at least 3 of our events than get it at our office ASAP! Check what programs are waiting for you in the first few weeks: Events

*If you have friends or family visiting you in Budapest, they are also able to join our activities. For them there are other tariffs that can be discussed with us in the office.

Welcome to Happy Erasmus! ;)