Dive under the surface with us and explore two of the most beautiful cave systems of Hungary! Aggtelek is considered as one of the most spectacular stalactite caves of the world. Explore this rather unknown representation of nature’s amazing artistic ambitions with an irresistible group of fun-lovers. The second cave of the tour is Miskolctapolca with Europe’s only cave-bath. Take a few laps and enjoy a jaw dropping atmosphere underground in miraculous healing water for a truly extraordinary experience!

Long description:
Did you know that aside from the wines, the vast cultural heritage and the amazing parties Hungary is also famous for its extensive cave systems spreading beneath our feet?

Join this tour for the best way to explore an uncharted face of the country in the company of a wonderful multi cultural student community and some of the most bad-ass locals…us!
An uncanny adventure awaits you under the surface of Hungary with the celebrated cave systems of two spectacular regions of the country, Aggtelek and Miskolctapolca.
Wipe the dream -and the possible hangover- out of your eyes as you meet the team at 8AM in the heart of Budapest. Throughout the 2 hour long trip in the comfortable private bus, you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow adventurers a little more and hype each other for the journey ahead.
The first stop of the tour will be the mighty Aggtelek, one of the most beautiful cave systems of the world and one of the least known. The UNESCO World Heritage site consists of a nearly 24 km long cave full of the most breathtaking stalactite formations you could imagine. Walk through the 8 meter high cave and explore one of nature’s greatest artistic creations in peaceful admiration. Take as many pictures as you want to document your uncanny experience just don’t touch anything. Stalacite can stop in growth upon physical contact with human skin, and trust us, we do not want to be there when your guide catches you trying to save a natural souvenir for the folks at home…

You best hang on to your jaw as we arrive to the main event of the tour, the Giants’ Hall! The 125 meters long, 55 meters wide and 33 meters high cavern full of stunning formations, is so incredibly monumental one can’t help but be in awe in front of the raw beauty of nature.

As you take your last photographic memories and say goodbye to this magnificent place you can brace yourself for more underground adventures!
Board the bus once more and enjoy the ride to Miskolctapolca, the only cave-bath of Europe. Just a few minutes from the 4th largest town of Hungary lies an amazing attraction, the local favourite cave-bath that is rather unknown for tourists.
The cave-bath is a huge complex with several pools built into an underground cave system, filled with 30°C healing thermal water. Experience this unique wonder from first hand and swim a few rounds around huge rocks as your body and soul recharges from the powerful mineral filled thermal spring water.

Marvel at the amazing natural formations as you take laps around them and breathe in the pure, refreshing air of the caves. If you feel up for the challenge, head out into the open-air thermal pools of the bath and enjoy a warm soak in the chilly October afternoon!
Once you feel that you have sufficiently depleted then recharged all of your batteries and investigated the underground bath system, it is time to bid farewell to this powerful place. Jump back in the tour bus and enjoy the ride back home with your newly-found friends and fellow cave dwellers!

Join us this weekend for a day of beauty and expeditions and have an adventure for the ages!

Price includes:
Private bus throughout the tour
A tour inside the Aggtelek stalacite cave
Entry to the Miskolctapolca cave-bath
An amazing company and atmosphere

Places are limited, registration and pre-payment required, be fast!

Ticket prices:
Premium: with Happy Erasmus card: 10500 HUF
Normal: 11500 HUF

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Price and program includes:
Private bus throughout the tour
Entry and professional guided tour inside the Aggtelek stalacite cave
Entry to the Miskolctapolca cave-bath

Happy Erasmus Staff

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Meeting point & time:
Nyugati tér 28/10/2018 08:45

Departure Date and Time:
28/10/2018 09:00
Arrival Date and Time:
13/10/2018 21:30
The arrival time may be subject to possible variations depending on external factors such as: traffic highways, shipment, etc ...
The tour organized by Pegazus76' Kft. The trip starts with at least 20 people.