Welcome to the city of history, culture and infinite parties!

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, located in the heart of Europe is truly a powerful beating hub of diversity and excitement. With its millennia worth of history, UNESCO world heritage sights and an irresistible energetic international atmosphere the “Pearl of the Danube” is a student’s paradise.

Several historic universities, state of the art research centers and world class university professors ensure that your time as an Erasmus student in Budapest will be truly profitable academically.

Among the hundreds of the city’s museums you will sure to find some to captivate you and contribute to your studies and don’t even get us started on the magnitude of the city’s thematic libraries.

To say the least, Budapest is an amazing place to grow intellectually.

But there is much more to the Erasmus experience than mere studying. And fortunately, there is much more to this city as well.

There is hardly a better place to let off steam after a hard day at campus than Budapest.

The activities, sightseeing prospects and … that the city offers are virtually unlimited, however as dusk approaches, a new and wilder side surfaces. Budapest’s nightlife has received a legendary status recently and you will no doubt realize why as soon as you set foot in it.

With its crazy clubs, trademark ruin pubs and diverse people Budapest can never be dull at night.
Sit by the river bank, admire the world heritage panorama, explore the rich gastronomy scene and make friendships that last for a lifetime!

Welcome to Budapest, you’ll love it here!