Forget lazy Sunday and get ready for a long, awesome day by the Hungarian Sea!! Take a classy ferry ride to the lakeside town of Tihany, climb to the highest spot of the land for a view to die for and explore the thousand year old church with your insider local guide. As the highlight of the tour you will embark on a journey to explore the underground waterway of the Tapolca cave system than take a nosedive into the annual trout and wine festival to indulge all of your senses!

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Let us take you to the mesmerizing Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Central-Europe on a day where unforgettable adventure and exhaustion is guaranteed!
The tour starts from the west end train station in Budapest at 7:45AM so make sure to keep last night as light as possible booze-wise and prepare for a long day of lakeside endeavors.
A tour bus will take the multi-cultural bunch on an original Hungarian road trip and believe us, a Hungarian road trip is an experience in itself.
First stop of the tour will be Szántód, the quiet little town by the lake that is most famous for its ferry port and the higher density of pubs and restaurants than population. Step into the cozy boat with your fellow travelers and embark on a journey towards the Tihany Penninsula, one of the most spectacular places of Hungary.


After a stunning few minute ferry ride, you will arrive at the bottom of Hill Tihany from where the adventure will commence.

Grab your gear and head straight upwards all the way to the tallest lookout of the region, to the great watchtower of Tihany and feel your superiority take charge as you look down upon all lands and beings.
From up here, you will have the perfect view of the whole lake and realize why they call it the Hungarian Sea. You will also be able to see the historic town of Tihany, the next destination of the tour, the place for some more adventure and once in a lifetime experiences.

Embark on a journey into the depths of this magical little town and explore the nooks and crannies with the guiding of your knowledgeable tour leader getting to know the stories behind the characteristic architecture and the town’s peculiar fascination with lavender, the flowering plant whose smell envelops the town.
Hiking further up at the hilly town, Tihany’s most important icon will slowly reveal itself to you: the breathtaking panorama of the Balaton with the Abbey of Tihany, a picturesque church with a history of close to 1000 years and one of the most memorable of any religious buildings of the country. Following exploration, you can grab a pint with your new buddies at one of the classy local pubs to discover the town’s prominent craft scene, then get ready for the next adventure all fueled up!

The following destination of the tour will be the town of caves and waters, the mystical Taploca with a history dating back to the 1st century, to ancient Roman times.
The country’s fourth largest, and arguably most impressive cave system is located here which you will have an exceptional opportunity to explore. Take a deep breath climb into a rowboat and head out to the underground tunnel system to live out your inner adventurer. Explore the majestic natural formations and the amazing fauna of the caves (no bats, no cave dwelling monsters though, don’t fret!) but watch your head! The underground tour will take you through narrow and low tunnels in the caves.

Once the caveman group has emerged squinting from beneath, it is time for the last adventure of a long and action-packed day: onwards to street party in the form of the annual Tapolca Trout and Wine Festival! Indulge your taste buds with delicious artisan goods made by local culinary experts and wash it all down with the most amazing wines you will have ever tasted on a truly authentic Hungarian food and wine festival. The party atmosphere will be further enforced by famous local musicians playing songs that are guaranteed to make your legs get funky.

Once you board the bus still dizzy from either the wines and those shots of palinkas the locals have made you try, or simply the massive adventures of this eventful day, you are allowed to take a long nap in your comfy bus seat as you swiftly travel back to your home in Budapest.

Ticket prices:
With Happy Erasmus card: 8600 HUF
Normal: 9500 HUF

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Price & program includes:
•Private bus ride from and to Budapest
• Ferry ride between Szántód and Tihany
•Professional guided tour in Tihany peninsula
• “Watchtower” lookout in Tihany
•Entry and professional guided rowboat tour at the Tapolca's water cave system
•Trout and Wine Festival

• Happy Erasmus staff

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Meeting point & time:
Nyugati tér, 30/09/2018 07:45
Departure Date and Time:
30/09/2018 08:00
Arrival Date and Time:
30/09/2018 20:30
The arrival time may be subject to possible variations depending on external factors such as: traffic highways, shipment, etc ...

The tour organized by Pegazus76' Kft. The trip starts with at least 20 people.