1. The House of Parliament

The beautiful building of the Parliament is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It can be visited with a guided tour which takes approximately 1 hour. The Holy Crown and the  Hungarian crown jewels as well as the parlors, the upper  and lower chamber's conference room are also included in the tour. Guided tour in several languages, entrance fee applies.

2. Buda Castle District

Buda Castle is part of the World Heritage. It consists of several famous buildings such as
The former Royal Palace - housing museums and national collections
Sándor Palace  -  which is the office of the President of Hungary . The changing of the Guards in front of the Palace is one of the Buda Castle attractions.
National Szechenyi Library – featuring exhibitions for tourists as well
Fishermen’s Bastion – The most famous observation spot from where you can have a splendid view of Budapest and take fantastic pictures. Entry free

Matthias Church – This newly renovated history church  can be find at a Szentháromság Squre. Due to its acoustics, there are several concerts are held in it.

Castle Hill Funicular – This funicular railway links Clark Ádám Square and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge at river level to Buda Castle above. Its length is 95 ms, and the level difference is 51 ms . The ride takes only 1,5 minutes, but this is enough to wander at the panoramic view.

  3. St. Stephen’s Basilica

If there is only one church you would like to visit while in Budapest, then this should be the one. This  is the largest church in Budapest, and it was named after Saint Steven, who established the Hungarian state. There are several cultural programs, concerts organized here which can be visited with tickets.


4. Heroes’ Square

The most spacious square with the statues of the Hungarian chiefs and kings - not to be missed! Heroes’ Square along with Andrássy Avenue – which is the longest avenue of the city- as well as the Millennium Underground running under it are  World Heritage sites.

5. Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Chain Bridge is one of the symbols of the capital, the most famous and the oldest bridge in Budapest. It is guarded on both sides by 2-2 lions.

6. Vajdahunyad Castle

It can be found in the City Park just a few minute walk from Heroes Square. The romantic building complex, built around the 19th-20th century, was designed by Ignác Alpár, and it presents the development of architecture using different styles. At the foot of the castle there is an artificial pond. In the summer it operates as a boating pond, while in the winter it is turned into an ice rink. It’s worthwhile taking a walk around and in the courtyard of the castle.

7. Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill rises 130 meters above the Danube. With its steep rock faces overhanging the river, it is one of the most arresting natural features of  the capital.  If you feel like a little hiking start from St. Gellért Square and take the footpath to the summit, to the Liberation Monument. This huge statue of  a woman, holding a palm bough over her head is one of the symbols of Budapest.  Once you are up, you will be flattered by the panoramic view.

8. Váci street & Vörösmarty Square

Vörösmarty Square is the real center of public life in Pest. It connects Duna-korzó - the promenade along the Danube - with Váci Street, which is the most well-known pedestrian streets in Budapest.  If you are a Hard Rock Café fan, do not go further – it is right here on Vörösmarty square.  For those with a sweet tooth,  the 150 year old traditional Gerbaud Café is recommended where they can taste the indigenous Dobos cake, Esterházy cake or the  the Gerbeaud bar.

9.  Margaret Island

The green island in the heart of the city. Ruins from the middle ages, promenade with busts of notable Hungarian artists, small ponds, a great place for a romantic walk. Why not mount a bringohintó (a bicycle with four wheels suitable for 3-6 people), have a look at the animals in the mini zoo or adore the musical fountain. From June you can visit exhibitions, listen to the Jazz Tower concerts in the renewed Water Tower or enjoy a performance in the Open-air Theater.

10. Memento Park

Feel like shaking hands with Lenin or a Soviet soldier of just interested in communism? Visit Memento Park containing 42 public space statues from the socialist regime which were removed from the street, squares and parks of Budapest after the political change had taken place between 1988-1990. This open-air theme park deals with the mementos of communism.