Join us on a journey to one of the most breathtaking places of the country, to Visegrád, the land of the Middle Ages, and be amazed by the myths and adventures of an original Hungarian experience! From a tournament of knights to a chilling visit of the 800 years old torture chamber of the castle and a crazy ride on the region’s largest bobsleigh, you will be treated to an adventure to explore a whole new side of Hungary
Long description:

Explore one of Hungary’s oldest towns, in a truly unique setting, on the top of hill Visegrád.
The tour starts from the west end train station in Budapest at 10:00AM so make sure to keep last night as light as possible booze-wise and prepare for a long day of hard adventure with the crew!
A tour bus will take the colorful gang towards the eastern part of Hungary on a stunning joyride next to one of the most iconic Hungarian spectacles, the Danube Bend.


Upon arriving to the small town (it’s actually one of the smallest in the country) you will find yourself right in the middle of the middle ages. This castle complex, stretching from the very top of the hill all the way to the bottom, has seen through most of Hungary’s millennia of history with several triumphs and defeats. Your exploration of this mighty location will begin with the lower part of the complex, the Solomon Tower.
Here you will be treated to a gripping guided tour of the place with a little wine tasting to get your blood flowing for the upcoming adventure.
Get ready for quite a show from famous the Knights of Visegrád with an honest to god 14th century entertainment!
The castle games are one of Visegrád’s specialties and it won’t take a lot to realize why. From fighting to archery, sword fighting and a horse show with a flight of the royal hawk you will witness a tournament of knights as authentic as they come.

After the show you’ll be able to test some of the knights’ gear and live weapons if you feel worthy enough, but be careful, the knights do not feel merciful when they see someone disrespecting their equipment.
Take a big breather before starting the next adventure as you will be yanked back to the present instantly when arriving to the largest bobsleigh track of the region.
Trust us, you’ll be impressed!
Enjoy the ride with your newly found friends and let your inner child take the handle for a while as you put the handle to the metal and speed through the 1km long track.
Your first slide is on us!


After your head can’t take any more of the vertigo have a peaceful lunch and follow us towards the last, essential stop of this full-day adventure.
You will head back to the past and aim straight towards the sky with its next destination, the citadel on the top of the hill.
The several rooms and dungeons of the castle will surely bring out the dwelling tomb raider in you as your guide leads you from the knight’s room to the torture chamber through the shady past of this 800 years old stunning castle, one of the oldest in the country.
As the last stop of the tour it is time for some well earned recreation, Hungarian style!
Are you ready for the original Hungarian spirit? And yes, by spirit we mean hard liquor!
The Pálinka museum is waiting for you with all of the stories about the nation’s favorite alcoholic drink. This fruity, strong spirit has a past adjoining with the Hungarian people providing them strength when needed and sedation if it was required.
If you feel brave (and old) enough, you’ll be able to down a shot of a fiery fruity pálinka.
A shot you will not soon forgot!
With this, your adventurous day in Visegrád has come to its conclusion. Hop on the tour bus and enjoy the ride back to the Pearl of the Danube as it takes you past     magical lands of Hungary towards your cozy dorm!
The tour includes:

* Bus ride to and from the town
* Tour Guide
* Entry to the Solomon Tower with guiding
* Ticket to the castle games: an authentic tournament of knights
* One slide on the bobsleigh
* Guided tour inside the castle
* Entry to the Pálinka Museum