Prepare yourself for the last big adventure of the season and join us in holding the summer back for another week! The largest lake of Central Europe is waiting for you with all of its amazing towns, sights and adventures. The perfect way to start your semester in Hungary! From rowing to a massive lookout and a real, original harvest parade in Tihany, you will be treated to an unforgettable day at the Hungarian Sea.

Long description:

Let us take you to the mesmerizing Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Central-Europe on a day where unforgettable adventure and exhaustion is guaranteed!

The tour starts from the west end train station in Budapest at 08:00AM so make sure to keep last night as light as possible booze-wise and prepare for a long day of lakeside endeavors.

A tour buswill take the multi-cultural bunch on an original Hungarian road trip and believe us, a Hungarian road trip is an experience in itself.

For the first stop of the tour you will need to turn into adventure mode right away. Balatonfűzfő is home to the largest bobsleigh track of the region. Prepare to conquer the1,5 km long trackwith newly built panorama tracks and360 degree turnswith a speed of40 km/h.

From the track you will be able to have your first real view of the lake as a whole to take your breath away right before heading down an insane drop to speed away with a dose of adrenaline.

Your first slide is on us!

With the several automated cameras placed around the track taking pictures of you will surely have find one shot that’s worth a frame. Head down to theMemory Basewhere you can browse through your photos and print the ones you like best andtake the adventure home with you.

Following a few intense rides, prepare for a little more physical exposure! Grab your gear and head straight upwards all the way tothe tallest lookout of the region, to the great lookout ofTihanyin the breathtaking peninsula of the Balaton.

From up here, you will have theperfect view of the whole lakeand realize why they call it the Hungarian Sea. You will also be able to seethe historic town of Tihany, the next destination of the tour, the place for some more adventure and once in a lifetime experiences.

Arriving to the small town up on the hill you will be greeted with an authentic parade typical to the Hungarian country, theTihany harvest festivities. A special event you surely would not be able to experience anywhere else in the world.

Join the celebration and get a feel of how the locals live and celebrate their lives as you became a part of the long procession.

When the team slowly disconnects from the festivities you will be taken on a tour to the center of the town to get a grip on why it is said to be one of the most mesmerizing settlements of Hungary. Explore the nooks and crannies with the guiding of your knowledgeable tour leader and get to know some of the best bars and restaurants aside from the several historical monuments and buildings of the place.

Following the tour you will be able to choose the best way to spend the remaining few hours of the tour. You are able to keep with your guide to explore the Abbey of Tihany, the picturesque church with a history of close to 1000 years and one of the most amazing views of any religious buildings of the country. You can also decide to wander about and explore some of the secret passages of this mysterious town or just grab a pint with your new buddies at one of the classy local pubs.

Following a hearty meal and the exploration of the several lavender products, a trademark of the area, from jewelry to ice cream and even a special lavender brewed craft beer you will able to witness the uncanny sight ofthe Balaton sunsetas a good-bye gift from the land.

Hop back into the tour bus and prepare for a more laid-back and less energetic but all the more cozy ride back to your dorm in Budapest with a bunch of your newly made mates onboard.

The tour includes:

* Bus ride to and from the lake
* Tour guide
* One slide on the bobsleigh
* Entry to the Harvest Festival